• Executive Life Coaching (One-on-One)
  • Team Coaching
  • Performance Coaching (One-on-One  or Teams)
  • Leadership Coaching (One-on-One  or Teams)
  • Goal-Setting Coaching (One-on-One  or Teams)
  • Personal Life Coaching (One-on-One)
  • Couples Coaching (Family)

Life Coaching is the journey of self-development, professional and personal success.  This can be initiated by the individual or his/her superiors at the workplace.  Should this be a requirement from leaders, specific problem areas may be discussed before the coaching process takes place.  These areas will then be addressed throughout the coaching process.  A full report will be handed in after the process is completed.

“Before I met Debbie I wasn’t living my life the way it’s meant to be lived.  I was always worried about silly things.  I was a prisoner in my own mind, but Debbie has helped me so much over the last few months.  I finally feel like I’m living the way I should.  She has not only helped me with my anxiety, but has helped me get my future sorted.  So much has changed over these few months and I’m a much happier person.  I owe her so much and I’m thankful every day that I got the chance to meet her.”  ~ Coaching Client

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