Hope When You Feel Hopeless

Born to Shine_Aug-Nov2015A few weeks ago, this article of mine was published in the “Born To Shine” magazine in South Africa.  Since so many people felt motivated after reading it, I would like to share it with all of you as well…

Dedicated To Everyone Who Feels That Life Is Too Much At The Moment.

Why me?  Why that nice person?  Why those innocent children?  Why, why, why?!?!

Have you ever felt like throwing your hands in the air and screaming these questions to the heavens?  Maybe you feel like doing it at this very moment! It always seems like bad circumstances find you, no matter how hard you try.  And when you look around, it’s as if bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people all the time.  It’s just not fair!

We are all on a journey called LIFE.  Although it might seem like good and bad only follow certain people, I would like to assure you that everyone on this planet have something to complain about and something to sing about.  Right now your circumstances might be overwhelming, but someone else would still love to swap places with you!  They would be grateful to have your worst day…

I don’t know your current circumstances, but I would like to give you one very special thing throughout this article:


I believe that circumstances can never be hopeless, but people can be. Once people  become hopeful again, their circumstances can change. Hope is a belief that things can and will get better. Hope is something you can have regardless of your circumstances. It’s a positive vision of the future.

MP900387785 (2)But how do you get hope when you feel hopeless?  Great question!  The place to start is in your head!  Dr. Caroline Leaf, author of the book “Switch on your brain”, says that if we had any idea of the damage done to our bodies by one negative thought, we would refuse to ever have a negative thought again.  She continues to say that the brain does not change by itself – the mind changes the brain.  If there is any hope of us finding hope, we have to start with the way we think of our circumstances.  Let me give you a few ideas on how to change the way you think.

  1. CHOOSE TO BE POSITIVE! This doesn’t come naturally for everyone and it’s not easy when you face difficult circumstances.  Being positive is the last thing on your mind when something bad happens.  In fact, the natural normal thing to feel is disappointment, heartache, fear or other negative feelings.  I’ve never met anyone excited about being in a car accident or losing money!  It’s just not normal!  The key to choosing positivity however, is to know that you don’t have to stay negative.  You see, we don’t drown by falling into water – we drown when we stay there!  When you are overcome by negative feelings and circumstances, work through those feelings quickly and get out of it.  One emotion that is almost always detrimental to becoming positive, is self-pity!  There’s almost no quicker way to fall into the pit of depression, than feeling sorry for yourself.  Refuse to do it – no matter what the circumstances!  Decline invitations to pity-parties!  Choose intentionally to be positive.
  1. BE CREATIVE WITH YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES! What could happen to your life, if you chose to look at your circumstances differently?  A great example of this is found in the true life drama, “The Bond of Silence” (I highly recommend this movie!).  Katy McIntosh’s husband, Bob, was kicked to death by Ryan Aldridge, who only came forward and admitted to murder 5 years later.  Katy forgave him completely, started to visit him in prison and decided to help Ryan change his life.  Today, Katy and Ryan travel the world sharing “The Story of Bob” at schools, educating teens about the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse.  Katy became creative with her circumstances.  She knew that she can use it to help others.  Without a doubt, the moment you become positive, you will be able to be creative with your own circumstances.
  1. DON’T DO SOMETHING PERMANENTLY STUPID, WHILE BEING TEMPORARILY UPSET! Being impulsive when things go wrong is not always the best thing we could do.  Sometimes it’s best to evaluate your circumstances and then do the right thing!  Doing the right thing might not be something you would like to consider straight away.  When arguing with your spouse, for instance, you most probably will not feel like asking forgiveness and admitting that you are wrong.  Truth is, your spouse feels the same way.  Don’t do something stupid!  Don’t continue to hurt each other when the only thing that both of you want is to be loved by the other person!  Yes, you will need to swallow your pride and let it go.  Ask forgiveness.   Choose to love again.

Your life will only be transformed if you renew your mind.  You can live an inspirational life like Katy McIntosh.  People who are inspirational are people who go through terrible circumstances, choose to be positive and become creative.  That is something all of us can do, no matter what hand we’ve been dealt.

“Some Days You’re The Pigeon And Some Days You’re The Statue.”
– John Maxwell –

Hopeful Greetings!


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