Bedtime With Your Child

You might not realise it, but bedtime could be one of the best times you spend with your children all day long.  In my letter “My Secret Prison” I talk about the bedtime-game that I play with my children.  This game has not just changed our way of communicating, but it has build trust between us, drawn us closer together and cleared the air when necessary.  To be honest, it changed me more than I thought it would…

Let me share one of the stories with you.  My son was 6 years old, when he drew the question: “WHO WILL YOU TELL TOMORROW THAT YOU CARE ABOUT THEM?”. He immediately said a friend’s name and then I asked why this particular friend. He began to share how this little boy’s mom and dad got divorced and that his dad said that he never wanted to see him again. I watched as my 6 year old started crying and then he said: “Mommy, if you and daddy should ever get divorced, you will have to cut me in two, because I will not be able to choose between you.”  We were both in tears and holding onto my son I asked him: “Do you know what you are feeling right now?” Through the tears he answered: “I’m just so sad!”  I replied, “Yes, but you are actually feeling empathy. You have now made your friend’s pain your own and now you can go to school and be a really good friend to him.”

Teaching my child at the age of 6 about empathy was priceless!  And I would never have known what my son was going through if I didn’t play this game with them!  Don’t miss the opportunity you have with them while they are little!

I would like to share the entire game here with you completely FREE!

Download here:  Bedtime-Game (English) or Bedtime-Game (Afrikaans).

Kindly point others to this page, so that parents all over could start spending valuable time with their children, teaching them values and growing closer as a family. Grandparents & teachers are welcome to use the game as well.


‘Till next time, get busy RAISING LEADERS!


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