Fight For Your Marriage


This morning I was once again reminded that we need to take marriage more seriously!  If your marriage is in trouble today, don’t just be calm and let it be.  DO SOMETHING about it!

FIGHT FOR YOUR MARRIAGE!  And by this I don’t mean fight against anyone else! Fighting for your marriage means to fight against yourself NOT TO GIVE UP!!  You will want to give up and say you’ve done everything possible – you’ve pleaded and asked your spouse to go for counselling, but they wouldn’t.  Maybe you even went to your pastor or a psychologist for help and he/she couldn’t help.  I have news for you:

Unless you have changed your THOUGHTS and BELIEFS about your spouse, your ATTITUDE and ACTIONS towards your spouse for more than 40 days, without fighting with them about their attitude and behavior, you have not done enough!

40 days might sound crazy, but you can do it!

DO NOT take marriage lightly!  Spend your MONEY, TIME and ENERGY UNSELFISHLY on your spouse!  Do what you need to do to help them fall back into love with you!  Think of your life together before you got married – what did you do back then?  How did you speak to them?  How did you treat them?  When last have you made them feel special?  Go back to that time and start doing those things again.  Before you know it, your love will grow and you might just win your spouse’s heart once again.

For all those newlywed couples reading this letter, please don’t ever fall into the habit of just being together or taking your spouse for granted!  You both deserve to be loved unconditionally, but you won’t get it unless you give it first.  Do it until you die!!!

Stop Asking How Much Your Spouse Loves You

And Start Showing How Much You Love Your Spouse!

Pray & work on your marriage daily!  It is ALWAYS worth it!

Please listen to my video on marriage as well.


For an Afrikaans video on marriage, please view “My Huwelik”.

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