Valuable To Your Company

Do You Want To Be Valuable?

If I was able to sit with you and ask you whether you would like to feel more valuable at the office, I don’t think anyone would respond: “No, I don’t care about feeling valuable to others.”  We all do.  We all would like to feel valuable in what we do.  We don’t however, want to feel used or abused, but valuable, that’s a different story.

Can You Raise Your Own Value
In The Eyes Of Your Company & Your Boss?

Let me first ask a more important question:  How much do you value yourself?  Unless you value who you are, you will not be able to raise your value in the eyes of the world.  Do you believe that you have value and talents to contribute to life on earth?  The truth is, whether you believe it or not, you do have something to contribute to society.  The only thing that is standing between you and success, is your believe about yourself.  Your belief is either enabling you or it is withholding you from living a significant life.

Now, when it comes to others valuing you, it is a different story.  Your value, in the eyes of others, is dependent on how they experience you. Let me explain. Strangers walking past you daily, might not change your life at all.  But let’s say you face a life-threatening situation and a stranger safes your life, my guess is that stranger’s value will significantly increase in your eyes.

You see, we value others, based on the value they add to our lives.  The more value they add, the more important they are in our lives.  If they don’t add any value, we might not value them at all.  This is actually a normal human reaction to people.

Now let’s ask the question again…

Can You Raise Your Own Value
In The Eyes Of Your Company & Your Boss?

Yes, you can!  The moment you raise the amount of value you add to your company, to your department and to your colleagues, is the moment your value will increase in their eyes.

How do you do it?

You don’t get paid per hour.
You get paid for the VALUE you add to each hour.

The biggest problem our companies are facing today, I believe, is bad attitudes.  Very few people want to do more than what they get paid to do.  And reading this statement you might be guilty of this too.  Let me show you how this attitude is hurting you.  If you had two employees working for you and one never complained when you gave them additional work, while the other always complained and moaned about everything, who would you trust and rather give an increase to?  The attitude to add value to your company might begin with a salary offer placed in front of you, but I promise you, to keep on adding value to your company should be a decision that you make daily.  The more value you add, the more valuable you will be.

Questions that will help you raise your value at your workplace:

  1. What would significantly help your boss or colleagues perform better at the office?
  2. How could you help them achieve this?
  3. How would helping them change your value in their eyes?
  4. How are you helping the company to grow?
  5. What kind of attitude will improve the office moral?  Are you helping to lift the moral or are you destroying it?
  6. What one thing, that you could start doing or stop doing right now, will significantly change your boss’ or colleagues’ view of you?
  7. If you were to change your heart towards your company or the people at the office, what impact would that have on your career?
  8. What lies do you believe about others that is ultimately destroying your relationships?
  9. What should you forgive people at the office for?
  10. What should you ask forgiveness for?
  11. Do you want an average life or are you going to live an extraordinary life?

John Maxwell said that the only difference between ordinary and extraordinary is EXTRA. Do more. Add more value. It will change your life!



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