Biblical Submission

I believe submission is viewed wrongly by most people.

Submission is not needed continously. Submission is needed when there is a disagreement between us. We are to love and serve each other like God loves and serves us.

We were made equal in God’s eyes, but with different roles and responsibilities.

WIVES are to submit to their OWN husbands (not to any and all men).

When a disagreement arrise in marriage, God’s requirement is not that the wife doesn’t speak her mind and say how she feels. But it is to submit the final decision to the husband. Why did God do this?


The responsibility of decisions in marriage, is what God wants on the husband’s shoulders. That means thinking that submission works both ways, does not make sense. Who will make the decision?

If we are submissive wives when we disagree, and our husbands make wrong decisions, we need to trust GOD who said we must submit, that He is working on our husbands and that He might be teaching them a lesson that we will be thankful for down the road.

When a wife continously submit with a gentle attitude, the husband will feel much more responsibility to make the right decision. When a wife submits with a “fine!” disrespectful attitude, a husband overtime might become passive and won’t make any decisions, which will also frustrate the wife.

Submission to my husband starts with me submitting to God.

(2 things I believe we should never submit to: getting involved in sin with our husbands and obviously any criminal activity.)

“Submission is ‘ducking low enough so God can touch your husband.” (Lysa TerKeurst, Capture His Heart: Becoming the Godly Wife Your Husband Desires)


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